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Premonstraten Monastery Schäftlarn

Germany, Hohenschäftlarn, Munich County, Bavaria

Premonstraten Monastery Schäftlarn

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Schäftlarn Monastery, located on the Isar River, is one of the most original monasteries in Bavaria. Its status as the spiritual and cultural center of southern Munich is also due to the fact that it has been the only active monastery in the Munich district for over 1200 years. In 762 Waltrich, a Benedictine monk of noble descent, founded the monastery from his own land. Through donations and endowments (e. g. the estates of Schwabing and Hesselohe), the monastery grew steadily over the next two centuries.

The monastery had belonged to the Premonstratensian Order since 1140 and until the Bavarian secularization in 1803. When King Ludwig II of Bavaria returned the property to the Benedictines in 1866, they had a Gymnasium built. Today the abbey belongs to the Bavarian Congregation of the Benedictine Confederation.


The current building complex was built in 1707 based on the plans of Giovanni Antonio Viscardi. The former abbey and now St. Denis church is a wonderful example of the rococo architectural style. Its construction was started from 1733 to 1740 under Francois de Cuvilliés the Elder and was completed in the time of Johann Georg Gunetzrhainer and Johann Michael Fischer from 1751 to 1760. In the two years from 1754 to 1756 Johann Baptist Zimmermann decorated the church with stucco and paintings. Subsequently, and until 1764, Johann Baptist Straub created the altars and the chancel, in which there is also a formal garden – the recently restored prelate’s garden.

In the symmetrical monastery complex, the monastery church forms the axial center, and its plain masonry hardly gives visitors a glimpse of the glamorous Rococo-style furnishings of the interior. A rhythmic division of the single-nave nave was architecturally implemented by a large yoke in the center and two smaller ones to the east and west.

By staggering the bays, it was possible to achieve a different weighting of the partial rooms, according to their liturgical function. In addition, the entire backdrop directs the view to the choir. All this is something very special for a pier church.

The sensitively accentuated stucco of rocaille ornaments worked in by Johann Baptist Zimmermann, as well as the subtly colored bandelwerkt, are limited to the vaulting, as are the frescoes. The motif of the ceiling paintings is the foundation of Schäftlarn as well as the glorification of the founder of the order, Norbert of Xanten. Only because important court artists of Munich worked on the monastery church, a uniformly noble and courtly overall picture appears today, which stands out from the baroqueized sacred buildings of Bavaria from the 18th century.



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Premonstraten Monastery Schäftlarn
Other monuments and places to visitPrelatengarden; Parish Church St. Georg, build 1729/30; Church St. Michael, build 13/14th century; former post office in Ebenhausen-Schäftlarn; museum Heimatdorf
Natural HeritageThe protected landscape area and recreation area Pupplinger Au is located in the in the immediate vicinity of the monastery.
Fauna-Flora-Habitat Area Upper Isar Valley
Historical Recreations
Festivals of Tourist Interest
Tourist OfficeNo
Specialized GuidesNo
Guided visitsNo
AccommodationsThe closest accommodation to the monastery is the Hotel Klosterbräustüberl
RestaurantsThe closest restaurant to the monastery is the Klosterbräustüberl Schäftlarn. The restaurant is open Thursday to Tuesday from 10 am to 10 pm.
Monument or place to visitSchäftlarn Monastery Church (Benedictine Abbey Church of St. Dionysius and Juliana, former Premonstratensian Abbey Church)
StyleRococo, baroque
Epoch8th-18th centuries
State of conservationGood condition
Mailing addressBenediktinerabtei Schäftlarn, 82067 Kloster Schäftlarn
Coordinates GPS47°59′25″N 11°27′21″O
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General public visits
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Visiting hours and conditions
The church is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 3 pm. Guided tours of the monastery church are possible through the association "Schönes Schäftlarn e.V.“on request. In the monastery there is a mass every day, Monday to Saturday at 7 and on Sundays at 7:30 am
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Ardura, Bernard: Regestum Archivi antiqui Curiae Generalitiae Ordinis Praemonstratensis in Urbe, Averbode 2006, S. 860.
Information websitesabtei-schaeftlarn.de
LocationHohenschäftlarn, Munich County, Bavaria, Germany