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Saint Anna

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Saint Anne of Trebizond (today Trabzon) is one of the oldest known surviving churches in Trabzon. It is built outside the city’s walls and is situated in the eastern part of the city, less than 100m south of Saint Basil. Saint Anne was one of the churches in the parish of Saint Basil and remained in Greek hands until 1923. It’s possible the church was built in the 6th or 7th century AD.  On a relief slab above the south door there is an inscription stating that Saint Anne was restored during the joint reigns of Basil I, Leon VI and Alexander in 884/85. The church is rectangular with a length of 8.94m and a width of 6.59m and has 3 apses.  The apses are semi-circular and are unusual for Trebizond. Fascinating frescoes adorn the interior of the church and one on the exterior. Of these the most noteworthy is Hagia Anna Galaktotrofousa, O Aspasmos Joachim and Anna and H Koimisis ton Agion kai Dikaion Joachim and Anna.

During the years of the Empire of Trebizond, the church was used as a cemetery. The crypt that existed below it and which was opened in 1916, brought to light graves which appeared to be those of state officialdom as well as eminent people of the church.


Monument or place to visitSaint Anna of Trebizond
StyleEarly Byzantine.
Epochc. 6th-7th century – present.
State of conservationBad condition.
Degree of legal protection
Mailing addressÇarsi, Misirlioglu Ar. No:7, 61200 Trabzon Merkez/Trabzon
Coordinates GPS41°00′18″N 39°43′21″E
Property, dependency
Possibility of visits by the general public or only specialists
Accessible to public visitors.
Conservation needs
Visiting hours and conditions
Ticket amount
Research work in progress
AccessibilityIn order to reach to the complex, visitors can use the minibuses from the city center (3 mins), or walk for approximately 20 mins.
Signaling if it is registered on the route
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LocationÇarsi, Misirlioglu Ar. No:7, 61200 Trabzon Merkez/Trabzon