Saint Paul Monastery

Turkey, Latmos area (Milas)

Saint Paul Monastery

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The Stylos Monastery (Arapavlı) lies between Bağırcık and the Kovanalan Plateau at a height of 740m. It was the most important among monasteries at Latmos (see also Kellibara). It was built in the 10th century during the lifetime of Saint Paul the Younger around the Stylos, that is the rock, on which he lived as a hermit. One of the major researchers of Latmos, Theodor Wiegand, could identify it in the early 20th century. The Stylos monastery lies in one of the wildest areas of the Latmos.

The best way to visit it is to ask for a guide at the Tea House in Karakaya. From there it is best to reach the monastery.


A wall circuits the monastery while in many instances natural rocks replace the wall. The main entrance lies on the North protected by a tower. Another protected point is on the south-east of the complex. The water supply was provided by cisterns outside and inside the monastery. The main church was a single naved basilica, but later two more aisles and a narthex were added. An additional burial chaper was constructed in order to bury there the remains of Saint Paul the Younger. A long structure on the southern part was identified as  the dining place for the monks, whereas their cells were located near the entrance to the north. Through a tunner on the big rocks on the southern-east corner one can reach the so Stylos cave where frescoes from the 12th/13th century have survived. Among them are scenes of the funeral of Paul and other scenes from his life.



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Saint Paul Monastery
Other monuments and places to visitVarious Latmos Chruches
Natural Heritage
Historical Recreations
Festivals of Tourist Interest
Tourist OfficeNo
Specialized Guides
Guided visitsYes
AccommodationsNot directly to the monastery but by village Karakaya.
RestaurantsTeehause in Karakaya village
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Monument or place to visitSaint Paul monastery, Stylos (Arapavlı)
StyleRemains of the 10th century and 12th-13th centuries
TypeMonastic architecture
Epoch10th century/12th-13th centuries
State of conservationNot a very good condition
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General public and specialists
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Only with a help of a local guide. For more information and possible tours in Latmos: Peschlow-Bindokat, Herakleia am Latmos, 235-241.
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Research work in progress
AccessibilityDifficult; better with a guide
Signaling if it is registered on the route
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Th. Wiegand, Der Latmos, in: Milet III 1. Berlin 1913
H. Buchwald, Lascarid Architecture. Jahrbuch der Österreichischen Byzantinistik 28 (1979) 261-296
Information websitesyascha.net
LocationLatmos area, Milas, Turkey